Bigg Boss 10 Winner Manveer Gurjar Finally Opens Up On Link-Up Rumours With Kamya Punjabi!


Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar and TV actress Kamya Panjabi have often been spotted hanging out together in Mumbai. The two met each other during Bigg Boss 10 season and since then; their friendship has grabbed all the attention.  Kamya was invited as a guest on Bigg Boss 10 and had predicted that Manveer, her favourite contestant will win the show.

Recently, Kamya Punjabi even went on to address Manveer as someone special and thanked him on winning an award for her show Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki. Kamya Punjabi’s this post created an uproar as grapevine started speculating about her relationship with Manveer.

Finally, Manveer Gurjar speaks up on his link-up rumours with Kamya Punjabi. Manveer, who recently landed to India from Spain, says he is fed up from the link-up rumours.

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“People have been linking me to one person or the other since the time I have landed in India from Spain. People talk about Nitveer more than they talk about Manveer. As for me, whenever I meet Mona Lisa, Nitibha, Lokesh, I treat them in the same manner. I like hanging out and partying, and I guess people will continue to link me up with someone or the other. But the thing I don’t want such rumours to crop up because it might harm my career. What if I get a Bollywood movie and I get linked up with someone? I won’t be able to explain myself,” he told India Today Online.

He further added, “If I say nice things about her, you will feel there is definitely something cooking between us. But I want to praise this lady who rooted for me when I wasn’t even aware of her support. She approached my family, made a video, tagged Colors, Endemol and everyone. My family couldn’t do all that because we didn’t have any social media accounts. I made my Instagram account in February. She arranged all the promotional activities. Her support definitely made a difference.

I also supported her and tagged her when she got nominated for an awards show recently. When she won the award, in her speech, she said that she would like to thank someone special and that is Manveer Gurjar. People should not misconstrue our bond. The fact is that we are good friends, we hang out together, just the way I hang out with Nitibha.”