Bigg Boss Winner Pratham From Kannada Attempts Suicide!

Bigg Boss Winner Pratham said he was tortured by his friend Lokesh due to which he had to attempt suicide.

Pratham, Bigg Boss winner of Kannada said he was tortured by a friend and he couldn’t take it anymore. So the winner had to attempt suicide. He posted a live video on Facebook claiming his mental state to be disturbed as hell and that he was going to take this step.

The winner had many other false claims on his reputation, wherein he was being asked silly questions by reporters and about the sum of money he got by winning the show. He had spoken to the media about donating the money, but before he could do anything like that.

One of his friends,’Lokesh’ has been annoying him and putting false claims on his name. He was invited to attend an event for an Orphanage where public said that he asked a sum of 66,000 rupees for the same. Which is not true at all, he mentioned in his video.

He said, ‘I am disturbed a lot due to harassment from Lokesh. I am not able to bear the torture of Lokesh. I am yet to receive prize amount from the TV channel but many people are asking me when I am planning to distribute that money to the needy people.” He blamed the media for publishing false news about him. The Bigg Boss contestant had promised to donate the money that he won through the contest. Post his victory, people questioned him when he was going to donate the money and why he hadn’t done it so far.’

All of this shows that the winner was just annoyed by everything around him and really wanted to quit. But he is not dead as of yet, he’s been taken to the hospital by his friends and no reports as of now have come. Many say that even this was a publicity stunt.

Now we don’t know if the former winner of Bigg Boss Kannada has been really depressed to take this step or whatever Lokesh has to say is the ultimate truth.

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