BJP MLA Calls Virat Kohli ‘Unpatriotic’ After His Italian Wedding With Anushka Sharma!


BJP MLA says Virat Kohli is ‘unpatriotic’ for getting in Italy with actress Anushka Sharma!

Elections are in full swing so are the rallies! In one of such rallies, BJP MLA Pannalal Shakya raised eyebrows because of his controversial statements. No, his statements were not about a fellow politician but about Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli‘s Italian wedding to Anushka Sharma!

In the controversial statement, the politician said, “Virat earned money in India… But he didn’t find any place to marry in the country. Is Hindustan untouchable? Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Vikramaditya, Yudhishthir got married on this land.”

The MLA further implored the youth of the county to get hitched in India, “You all must get married here. None of us go to a foreign country to get married… He (Virat Kohli) earned money here and spent billions there (Italy)… (he) doesn’t have any respect for the country. This proves he is not a patriot.”

He further added, “After getting trained, you all should work here in the country. This would be the biggest national service. Otherwise, earn money and go to Italy to marry like Virat, enjoy picnic and come back.”

Okay, let us get that straight! Just because Virat Kohli got married in Italy, so that makes him an unpatriotic citizen and his wedding a picnic?

These weren’t the only outrageous statements made by the MLA. He even dragged Bollywood background dancers, “If you think minutely, then you will know that the dancers of Italy become millionaires here and you are taking country’s money there. Then what will you give to the country? Howsoever big one may be, he can’t become our ideal person. Our ideal person is one who is honest to the country and earns money through hard work.”

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