This Bollywood Actress Keeps A Tab On Her Boyfriend’s Messages! Can You Guess Who’s She?


Relationships and friendships in Bollywood are weird, especially if it’s a love affair. It takes just a few seconds for a relationship to build as well as break. In the industry where emotions are less talked about, having trust issues is quite common. And guess what? One of the top actresses is keeping an eye on her boyfriend’s cellphone messages.

As per a daily portal, this actress had become too obsessed about her lover from past few months. Hence, she keeps checking his cellphone messages. Also, his past relationships is also one of the reasons the lady is doing this. Her boyfriend even changed the password of his cellphone. However, with the help of friends she cracked it and saved a new password. She even told her partner not to change the password. So, now it has become easy for her to read all the messages. This lovely couple is all set to get married next year.

Can you guess who are they?