Bollywood Music That Made A Film Hit

featureIndia is a musical nation and that’s our identity in foreign film circuit. They do like a Lunchbox but can’t shrug off the notion that we are a nation which loves music in Bollywood films.

aashiquiAashiqui 2

There is nothing new in the story. It is like Devdas in present times only this time the hero is mourning something non-existent. Throughout the film no one bothered to explain why exactly Rahul Jaykar has made bottle his lifelong companion. Also, why he can give up his life but not the bottle? While many questions went answered, the music peaked like never before. Aashiqui which released in 1990 was a huge musical hits. The songs are hummed even today. It was a mammoth responsibility on the part of the composers of sequel to repeat the musical success and they have done a fab job. Riding on the musical wave alone, the film moved past the 100 crore mark.

rockstar 1 Rockstar

Again, a musician who feels pathos is the only way to reach great heights. But the plot goes horribly wrong when he falls for the bait. Story could have been interesting, but the film has been so loosely and recklessly handled neither does one feel Janardhan’s pathos nor his hooligan ways. But then A R Rahman picked Mohit Chauhan and rest as they say was history. The only that worked perfectly with the story are the songs. If that hadn’t been the case the film wouldn’t have seen as much love that it has.

roocckkkkA Karan Johar production comes with its frills and fun. Huge sets, fashionable actresses, exotic locales, chart buster music and if there is any scope left for anything less, a wafer thin plot is introduced. Yeh Jaawani Hai Deewani it seems never had a story. Johar might have sat with Pritam, chalked out some peppy songs and brought Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone together. Do you need anything else? There isn’t anyone who can deny the fact that the film worked just because of the music.

VillianEk Villain

Bad boy turned good when love touched his life…an oft used story in our films. Ek Villain had brawn beauty and some of the best songs ever heard in last one decade. Voila! The film crossed 100 crore. Even today people talk only about the songs and nothing else.