Bollywood Stars Who Refused To Lock Lips On-Screen!


Bollywood-Stars-Who-Refused-To-Lock-Lips-On-Screen!Until recent years, locking lips on the big screen used to be news of the year, and a taboo nonetheless. But with time, things changed, and also everyone’s attitude towards Indian cinema. Now kissing fellow co-stars on the big screen in the film not just once, but many times has become an obvious thing.

So far, forget kissing, we have seen enough to know how far Bollywood has come. But, among the bold actors, there are also some old school stars who still stand firm on their beliefs, and haven’t locked lips with their fellow co-stars in their entire career. They have often stood firm, and said no when told to do an on-screen kiss scene. Here’s the list of Bollywood stars who have refused to kiss their co-stars on-screen! Take a look!