Bollywood Stars Who Refused To Lock Lips On-Screen!


Bollywood-Stars-Who-Refused-To-Lock-Lips-On-Screen!Until recent years, locking lips on the big screen used to be news of the year, and a taboo nonetheless. But with time, things changed, and also everyone’s attitude towards Indian cinema. Now kissing fellow co-stars on the big screen in the film not just once, but many times has become an obvious thing.

So far, forget kissing, we have seen enough to know how far Bollywood has come. But, among the bold actors, there are also some old school stars who still stand firm on their beliefs, and haven’t locked lips with their fellow co-stars in their entire career. They have often stood firm, and said no when told to do an on-screen kiss scene. Here’s the list of Bollywood stars who have refused to kiss their co-stars on-screen! Take a look!Salman-khanSalman Khan

Bollywood’s Dabangg star, Salman Khan is very firm on his decision on no kissing on screen. Even with a huge career in Indian cinema sheet like his, Salman has never locked lips with his co-star in any of his films. Even when his foe-turned-friend Shah Rukh Khan broke his vow and kissed Salman Khan’s ex girlfriend in Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Salman still remains old school.Sonakshi-sinhaSonakshi Sinha

Just like her Dabangg co-star Salman Khan, Sonakshi Sinha has never kissed on-screen. Sonakshi stepped inside every Indian’s heart with her ideas and perception. The actress has given us many fabulous films, but not once has she come really close and locked lips with her co-star on-screen.Fawad-KhanFawad Khan

One of the most hottest and sophisticated stars in the industry, Fawad Khan made news when he denied the kissing scene in his film. Fawad made it pretty clear that kissing his co-star on screen or getting intimate, is off limit for him, and he isn’t comfortable with it.AsinAsin

Gorgeous actress Asin has given us many films to cherish with many amazing performances, but not once has she kissed a star on the big screen. Yes, Asin, who received fame after her film Ghajini, happens to be another Bollywood star who said no to on-screen kissing in films and has stood by her decision ever since.Tamanaah-BhatiaTamanaah Bhatia

The actress is not only uncomfortable wearing two-piece or bikini on silver screen, but she is also not comfortable with locking lips with her co-stars in films. Tamanaah Bhatia said no to on-screen kiss, and since then has stood by her decision.Shilpa-ShettyShilpa Shetty

Bollywood’s one of the hottest actress Shilpa Shetty may have given us some sizzling hot scenes in Bollywood films, but the actress never crossed the line and kissed another actor on screen in her films. Only once did we see Shilpa getting kissed in front of the camera (not a movie) and that pretty much shook the whole country. Yes, we are talking about her infamous clinch with Richard Gere.Ali-Zafar-KhanAli Zafar Khan

The Pakistani star and singer Ali Zafar Khan stated that he wouldn’t know what to do if his mom sees him kissing someone on the big screen, and that he would feel too embarrassed. So the star has always resisted on kissing his co-star on-screen. This is why a body double was used for a kissing scene in his film London Paris New York.

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