When Bollywood Superstars Had Their Fan Moment With Hollywood Stars!


Bollywood superstars who look up to Hollywood stars and adore them.

We have always witnessed fans of our Bollywood superstars who adore them in every aspect. These fans try to copy them by mimicking, copying their hairstyles and what not. But have you ever thought what happens when these Bollywood celebrities also become fans? We have a list of some Bollywood superstars who look up to Hollywood stars and adore them. Have a look at these celebrity’s fan moment.

1. Karan Johar with George Clooney
When Bollywood’s ace director Karan Johar met Hollywood superstar George Clooney at the 47th World Economic Forum in Davos in Switzerland, he had his fanboy moment with him and he even clicked a cute picture with him. Karan also took to her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and wrote, “Totally Clooed into #Davos”

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2. Priyanka Chopra with Meryl Streep
Our desi girl Priyanka Chopra had an amazing fangirl moment with the Oscar winner Meryl Streep. The actress also shared a picture with Streep and quoted it as, “Quoting my favourite #MerylStreep, as I call an end to this night…when u have a broken heart..make art. You are astounding.#fangirl,”

3. Ranbir Kapoor with Robert De Niro
Our Bollywood cutie, Ranbir Kapoor had a very unusual fan moment with Hollywood legend Robert De Niro when he came to India. The Barfi actor touched Niro’s feet to take his blessings and also kissed the Hollywood star’s knee.

4. Sonam Kapoor with Tom Cruise
How does it feel when you meet your first crush? Want an idea? Ask Sonam Kapoor who met her first crush Tom Cruise at the premiere of Mission Impossible 4 back in 2011. The actress kept on giggling like a school girl and even revealed that she had a poster of Tom Cruise in her room during her growing up days.

5. Abhishek Bachchan with Magic Johnson
Abhishek Bachchan got way too excited when he met his idol and even posted a picture with his idol and retired basketball player Magic Johnson. He wrote, “Today a childhood dream of mine came true. I met my idol. @MagicJohnson . Thank you for being such an inspiration!”

6. Shah Rukh Khan with Hillary Swank
Shah Rukh Khan was awstruck when he saw Hillary Swank who presented an award to the actor for his performance in Karan Johar’s “My Name Is Khan”. Hillary looked elegant in a deep pink and long gown. SRK appreciated the actress for her heartwarming “Namaste” and kissed Swank’s hand.

7. Aamir Khan with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Our Mr. Perfectionist also had his fanboy moment in Mumbai when he met Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor posted a picture on Twitter and wrote, “Hey guys! Guess who I met?” He further added, “It was a bizzare feeling! I looked up when the door opened and I see THE TERMINATOR walking into my room!”

8. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan with Eva Longoria
The two actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Eva Longoria shared a special and a deep bond together and were even spotted clicking selfies together at Cannes 2015.

9. Shilpa Shetty with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Actress Shilpa Shetty posed with Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger in Macau, where they were present at a boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Chris Algieri. She posted a picture with a caption, “With the one and only @Schwarzenegger at the #PacAlgieri main event,”

10. Arpita Khan and husband Aayush Sharma with Dwayne Johnson
The duo had a fan moment when they met Hollywood star Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Baywatch. According to sources it was Priyanka who made it possible for both of them to meet their star. Arpita took to twitter and captioned it saying, “Thank you @TheRock for being so sweet , thank you @priyankachopra for making this possible.”

11. Deepika Padukone with Martin Scorsese and actress Patricia Clarkson
The actress had a fangirl moment with Hollywood filmmaker Martin Scorsese and actress Patricia Clarkson and posted with them at an event.

12. Kareena Kapoor Khan with Channing Tatum
When Kareena posted a picture with Hollywood star Channing Tatum, it created buzz all over. She met Channing at an event in London where she was present with her family and were on a vacation to celebrate sister Karisma Kapoor’s birthday.

13. Salman Khan with Paris Hilton
When Hollywood beauty, Paris Hilton was in India to play as a DJ at a birthday bash, Salman Khan acted the perfect host to her. She set the house on fire with Salman and so he made it clear to make Paris feel at home and also let her wear his signature style blue bracelet!

14. Arshad Warsi and Maria Goretti with Susan Sarandon
Arshad and his wife Maria had a fan moment when they met the Oscar winning Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon. At a restaurant in New York City. The actor then shared a picture on Twitter with a caption. “Had a lovely time last night with the utterly delightful Susan Sarandan @junoonNYC.”