Bollywood Supports Brazil At The FIFA World Cup Via Twitter


fifa world logoAs World Cup excitement reaches fever pitch, Bollywood celebrities, from Amitabh Bachchan to Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor to Manit Joura are soaking in the soccer mania with many of them rooting for tournament favourites Brazil.

The quarterfinal match between Brazil and Colombia was watched with great excitement the world over and Bollywood stars were no exception.

David Luiz blasted a sensational free-kick into the net from thirty five yards as Brazil knocked out Colombia 2-1 to set up a FIFA World Cup semifinal clash with Germany.

Here are some of the selected comments that the Bollywood stars wrote who are rooting for Brazil to win FIFA World Cup 2014……
Amitabh Abhishek-5
Amitabh Bachchan:
“BBBBRRRRAAAAAAAAAZZZIIILLLLLLLLLLLLL !!!!! Need I say more…” Amitabh Bachchan tweeted at the end of the match.

Mr. Bachchan, who is a huge Brazil fan, tweeted before the game as well, saying, “Its BRA v COL … please do not disturb!!”
Shah Rukh Khan:
Shah Rukh Khan, known for his love for sports, tweeted during the game, “Have a feeling Brazil will shift a gear up from here on. Columbia worthy opponents, anything UnSouth American today can wait.”

Realising that he had mis-spelt Colombia, Shah Rukh Khan was quick to make light of it, “And oh My God!!! I misspelt on twitter and so many pointed out. I am su surry, I apulugise, its Colombia.”
Amitabh Abhishek-7
Abhishekh Bachchan:
It’s like father, like son, Abhishek Bachchan, who is a great fan of the sport also took on to twitter and wrote, “This is why you gotta love football. James Rodriguez, take a bow. Player of the tournament so far.”
manit joura - 06
Manit Joura:
Manit Joura who has been a great sport enthusiast was critical of Brazil’s performance and sceptical of their chances in the semifinal against Germany.

“David Luis showed great sportsmanship by asking the crowd to give an ovation to James Rodriguez. This is how one must play the game. Hat’s Off.” Manit tweeted.
Haider 09
Shahid Kapoor:
Shahid Kapoor, who is basking under all the attention he is getting post the trailer launch of Haider, tweeted, “Both the favorites through. Feel the Colombian team came out to fight more than play. James Rodriguez was amazing in bursts. Muller needs to focus on football more than his performance skills. Hope Brazil can play the semis with Neymar.”

rahul bose - 01
Rahul Bose:
Rahul Bose, know to play rugby, he was appreciative of the spirit shown by Brazilians after the game.

“Good to see David Luis console and ask the crowd to give an ovation to James Rodriguez. Scolari too showed great warmth towards the Colombian talent. Haven’t seen the last of James Rodriguez. Well played,” he tweeted.