Bollywood’s Biggest Rivals: Catfights Of Bollywood

Catfights-Of-BollywoodIt seems to be a very popular notion that two actresses just cannot be friends. While in the real world women manage just fine with each other, in Bollywood the story takes a trip down South. Actresses are very often seen engaging in salacious remarks, taking digs at each other and passing comments too.

We bring you a list of some of the worst catfights in Bollywood –Karina-&-DeepikaDeepika Padukone Vs Kareena Kapoor

Sources report that it all began on the sets of the movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’ where Deepika was paired opposite Saif Ali Khan. Khan’s then-girlfriend Kareena Kapoor didn’t like Deepika’s proximity to her beau and Deepika’s comment about Bebo’s lackluster acting skills in the epic flop ‘Kambakth Ishq’ added fuel to the fire.Aishwarya-&-SonamSonam Kapoor Vs Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Newbie Sonam Kapoor took on Bollywood veteran and beauty queen, Aishwarya Rai at the Cannes Film Festival. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in true beauty queens dramatic style refused to walk the red carpet with Sonam and it didn’t go down well with the Kapoor beauty. Sonam also went on to call Ash an “aunty”.


Katrina-Kaif-&-Priyanka-Chopra-1Katrina Kaif Vs Priyanka Chopra

If rumours are to be believed, Priyanka and Katrina exchanged heated words backstage at an award ceremony. Katrina wanted to be the showstopper performance at the event and the ‘Quantico’ star who was slated to perform instead was miffed. We wonder if it had anything to do with their common love for chocolate boy, Ranbir Kapoor.kareena-&-PriyankaPriyanka Chopra Vs Kareena Kapoor

Actors Priyanka Chopra and Kareena Kapoor have never been on good terms with each other. Only recently, the two got into a fight when Priyanka Chopra while practicing for an award function performance was delayed and ate into Kareena‘s practice time, who in turn threatened to walk out. Actor Shah Rukh Khan, who was also on the sets, helped peace prevail between the two.katrina-&-anushkaAnushka Sharma Vs Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma had a fight over a common make-up man. The two actresses share the same make-up man who was slated to go with Anushka to London for a 15-day shoot. Katrina Kaif was fine with the arrangement till she put her foot down at the last minute and didn’t allow her make-up man to leave. Anushka Sharma found herself in a tight spot and that’s how this rivalry began.Kangana-&-PriyankaKangana Ranaut Vs Priyanka Chopra

All seemed to be well whilst the shooting of ‘Fashion’ in which both Priyanka and Kangana had prominent roles. The problem began after the release of the movie, when the actresses were pitted against each other, and Priyanka was heard to have categorically said that she was the lead and not Kangana. This statement offended the ‘Queen’ actress and not all’s well between them since.


Rani-&-AishwaryaAishwarya Rai Bachchan Vs Rani Mukerji

Aishwarya Rai and Rani Mukerji were good friends until Rani accepted the role  in Shah Rukh Khan‘s Chalte Chalte that was to be taken by Ash. That created a huge rift between the two. Also, there was a time when Abhishek Bachchan and Rani Mukerji were known to be dating. Of course it’s Ash who eventually married him, and that caused a rift between two friends Rani and Abhishek.Deepika-&-KatrinaDeepika Padukone Vs Katrina Kaif:

While Deepika was earlier dating Ranbir Kapoor, Katrina became his girlfriend after the breakup. Deepika has taken over Katrina’s place as the most wanted actress at the moment, lapping up Katrina’s rejected offers. All of these factors combined have made them bitter rivals.Katrina-kaif-&-maliaka-arora-khanKatrina Kaif Vs Malaika Arora Khan:

The common factor between the two ladies is Salman Khan. While one is his ex-girlfriend, Malaika Arora Khan is his sister-in-law. The two ladies have been at it since Katrina Kaif made some nasty remarks about Malaika Arora Khan’s fashion label.Sri-devi-&-Madhuri-DixitSridevi Vs Madhuri Dixit  

In the 90s, the rivalry between these two leading ladies was so high that you could not be friends with both of them at the same time. Be it due to stiff competition or due to the fact that the two were pitted against each other for being chosen for movies, the rivalry was lethal.