Boney Kapoor Finally Speaks Up On Daughter Jhanvi’s Debut Film!


Earlier, we had told you about the possibility of Jhanvi Kapoor, Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s elder daughter, debuting with a Karan Johar film. We also broke the news to you that it is the Hindi adaptation of the Marathi movie Sairat.

Now we have confirmed news now. The source is none other than Jhanvi’s father, Boney Kapoor. Confirming this development, producer Boney Kapoor says, “Yes, Karan has been talking to us about a film for Jhanvi and we’ve given consent. But we don’t know which project it would be. Since Karan has recently acquired the remake rights of Sairat it is being presumed that our daughter would be launched in this project.”

Seems like Jhanvi Kapoor was gearing towards following the path of her mother, in terms of her career choice, since quite a long time. But this was refuted by Sridevi, when asked in the past. The protective mother said, “It’s too early for her to decide a career. Let her study, enjoy life. I missed out on the fun side of growing because I was busy in the studios. I want my children to enjoy every phase of their life.”

Boney Kapoor seems elated about her daughter’s life choices and sees her acing in her filmy career. The proud and confident father said, “I see in my daughter the same focus and concentration on her chosen career as her mother. It’s never easy for star kids to make a place for themselves as they are invariably compared with their legendary parents. I hope Jhanvi won’t be compared with her mother, though.”

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