Boney Kapoor’s Special Plans For Sridevi’s Golden Jubilee In Bollywood


Boney Kapoor will be celebrating wife Sridevi‘s 50 years in the industry in a special way. Sridevi, who has worked as a child artist since she was 4, will now complete 50 years in the industry.

Hubby and the Kapoor producer, Boney Kapoor has planned to specially celebrate the wife’s success in a different way and this is how he is planning to do it…

Boney will release his home production film, Mom, when Sridevi completes 50 years next year. He recently confirmed that be it luck or destiny, the film will complete by 2017 and he plans to release it with Sridevi‘s 50 years. He said that he is very fond of how Sridevi has managed to look gorgeous and manage her life as an actress even after 50 years of life. He said that Sridevi is trying to explore newer avenues in films content and the arts that she knows best.

When Boney Kapoor was asked about whether the film would have a  grand premiere or a special event, he said that the celebration of the film should collide with wife’s 50 years in the industry and he said he officially didn’t announce the film as he was waiting for it to finish.

Now, wondering how Sridevi finished her 50 years in the industry? Well! Sridevi, born as Sree Amma Iyenger entered into films when she was a child artist at the age of 4 in Kandhan Karunai where she played the male infant Lord Muruga. This is the film where late Jayalalitha, ex-Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was her co-star.

Well! Let’s see how hubby Boney Kapoor declares the film and celebrates his wife’s success in 50 years.

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