Breathe’s 5th Episode Will Show You R Madhavan’s Dark Side

breathe r madhavan

Amazon India’s second Original Breathe released and has already become a favorite amongst critics and audience.

Breathe is a psychological thriller that marks to be R Madhavan’s debut on digital.

Breathe has had the audience instantly hooked courtesy its episodic release.

While first 4 episodes released on Jan 26th, the 5th episode has hit the internet today.

The 4th episode proved to be a cliffhanger that had the audience holding their breath to watch the next episode.

The 5th episode is titled ‘Bad Fish‘ The director of the series, Mayank Sharma in this episode intricately shows the shift in the character of Madhavan.

The story doesn’t have any loose ends as each plot point is envisioned to the minute detail.

The music surely takes you more in-depth of the scene and makes you cringe.

With the 5th episode releasing, viewers further discover further twists and turn in the storyline.

Every episode has been helmed to have audience glued, leaving them with immense anticipation for the next one.