Is Comedy Nights With Kapil And Krushna In The Making?

My show can overweigh Kapil Sharma’s show, says Krushna Abhishek.

Since the mid-air brawl between Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, there have been controversies popping up now and then again. While Kapil had tried hard to get Dr. Mashoor Gulati back on his show, Sunil stands firm on his decision of not returning.

The Kapil Sharma Show has already been facing problems when it comes to TRP, as most of the famous characters have left the show. Amidst such difficulties, on more threat has come in the comedy king’s way.

A talent hunt show of Colors, India Banega Manch is going to be aired at the same time as TKSS. Interestingly, this show is going to be hosted by Kapil’s leading rival, Krushna Abhishek along with another TV actress, Mona Singh.

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When the comedian was recently asked about what he feels over Kapil – Sunil fight, PTI quoted him saying, “That’s their personal matter. They’re friends, so fights happen in friendship. Kapil had held together the team for four years. You should see that too. They’ve been working for so long… Not everyone can handle people, so sometimes there are fights.”

Recently the show was launched, where Krushna was present with his better half, Kashmira Shah. At the launch of India Banega Manch, SpotboyE asked about his plans of joining Kapil’s show. He replied by saying that the show is currently Kapil’s and if at all he joins the other show, it will have to be named as ‘Comedy Nights With Kapil & Krushna.’

Talking about the new show and the clash with TKSS, Krushna even said that his show can overweigh Kapil’s show. Well, that is certainly a warning for the comedy king!

He also talked about the comfort that he feels with his co-host Mona saying, “It is very important to have an understanding with your co-host. If you bring someone like me on stage, chances are he may get into the trap of one-upmanship. Hence, you need positive people. Mona and I both entertained each other, supported each other, so it was a fantastic experience.”

India Banega Manch is all set to be aired on Colors from May 7.

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