Comedy Sensation Rohit Gupta Takes Over The Internet, Here Is Everything You Need To Know About

rohit gupta

Comedy has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days when we use to watch comedy films to get a quick laugh, nowadays stand-up comedy has taken precedent. The vast reach of the internet has been able to give us some exceptionally talented artist. One such artist is Rohit Gupta. Rohit is the comedy king, who enjoys a huge number of fan following. His comedy videos go viral in no time.

Rohit has found lots of success in a very short span of time. His mimicry talent keeps him apart from all other comedians. His impeccable comedy timing is to watch out for. The way he connects with the audience makes him an epic performer.


Rohit’s father is a CA and industrialist from Bombay. His mother and sister are always there to support him. His father also feels very proud after seeing his son being followed by several people.

He always wanted to be an entertainer.

During his childhood, he used to love Johnny Lever and try to act in different languages like Marathi and Sindhi among others. He has been doing mimicry since his childhood.

Future Plans

Unfazed by his stardom, Rohit wants to do something different. He also doesn’t want to be a mimicry artist instead he wants to be a comic actor. He wants to do some serious works like Breaking Bad. He also dreams of working with Nana Patekar.


He loves driving. When he doesn’t have any friends to go on a drive, he goes with his driver.

If his comedy videos have anything to go by, he is going to rule the world with his amazing skills and sense of humor.

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