Congress Attacks Amitabh Bachchan For Supporting GST Campaign, Big B Reacts!

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Amitabh Bachchan gets attacked by Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam for supporting GST campaign.

The Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has been chosen by the government of India to promote the latest Goods and Services Tax (GST) Campaign. It is to be implemented on July 1, for the promotion of which Big B had shot a 40 second video.

But now the opposition party, which is the Indian National Congress is not happy with this. One of the senior leaders of the party Sanjay Nirupam has urged Big B to not support the campaign.

“The GST was a brilliant idea thought of by the Congress. It is another story that the BJP opposed it all the while it was in the opposition. But after coming to power, it started diluting the basic concepts of the GST, and that was not acceptable to us,” says the politician.

Explaining himself and his party, Nirupam says, “It has become very complicated now. Traders and service providers are required to fill three long forms every month. Thus, the basic purpose of the GST is defeated. This is unlike the way the GST has been implemented in other countries. Some people are creating a confusion that we are opposing the same GST that we passed. But this is not true. We have always been for the GST but not in this format.”

Advising Big B to not support the campaign, he says, “We tried for three years to get our reservations noticed by the government but they (the BJP) then started maligning us so we had to pass it. That is why I am suggesting Amitabh Bachchan should not be a party to every foolishness of the BJP. You (Bachchan) are a known person and have a wonderful reputation which may get maligned if there is a backlash from traders.”

Tweeting on the same, Senior Bachchan says, “T 2460 -@cbec_india .. a campaign to explain GST .. I was asked, I did it ..”

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