Daddy Salim Khan Doesn’t Want To Write A Movie For Salman Khan For This Reason!


You Will Be Surprised To Know Why Salim Khan Doesn’t Want To Write A Movie For Salman Khan

Salim Khan was part of the famous and hit screenwriter duo, SalimJaved (Javed Akhtar). They churned some of the major blockbusters of the 70s and the 80s like Deewaar, Sholay, Don, Trishul.
Have you ever wondered why is one of the most celebrated screen-writer hasn’t written a single script for his own son, Salman Khan?

In a candid conversation on a TV show, he revealed why he doesn’t write scripts for his Dabanng son. Salim Khan said that if a movie fails, he would be blamed for it; but if it works, people would praise his son for his efforts.

The ace writer said, “It’s not that I haven’t written films for Salman. I had written a film for him, Pathar Ke Phool, which did reasonably well too. Even today, when I pitch a script, people always have a question, that if it is good, then why is Salman not acting. But I wanted to get out of that vicious circle.

This father-son duo share a very close bond. Salim Khan is always one of the first one to defend his son and slammed the haters of Salman with his on-the-face attitude. Even Sultan stars has mentioned time and again that his father has been his greatest inspiration.

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