Deepika Padukone Goes To This Extent For Padmavati!

Deepika Padukone who likes getting into the skin of her characters is growing her hair for her Padmavati.

The actress is taking an extra effort to grow her hair and maintain the length to look like real Padmavati.

Rani Padmini was known for her exceptional beauty and it would be interesting to see Deepika portray her character as she completely fits the bill by not only being a beautiful woman but also having a command over the quality of her craft.

Since the time Deepika Padukone started preparing for her character the actress has made sure she doesn’t cut her hair to get the authenticity of the character.

Just recently, the actress was spotted exiting the Mumbai airport carrying a copy of ‘A History Of Rajasthan’ by Rima Hooja.

Deepika, who is in a midst of shooting for her upcoming titular role, Padmavati, seems to have caught fascination with the birthplace of Rani Padmini. With flights proving to make for a peaceful reading ambience, Deepika made the most of her time by gaining insights into history.

To maintain Padmavati’s beauty and aesthetic sense, Deepika Padukone has gone an extra mile and is leaving no stone unturned to give away her best.

After her role in Bajirao Mastani, the actress is all set to treat the audiences with her role in Padmavati.

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