Rishi Kapoor And Neetu Kapoor High On Praise For Deepika Padukone’s Performance In Padmaavat

deepika padukone padmavati

There was a special set of bouquet waiting for Rani Padmavati aka Deepika yesterday at her residence.  Actress Deepika has been inundated with love for her performance in Padmaavat. She received a special set of bouquet which was sent to her by Neetu and Rishi Kapoor.

Veteran actors Neetu and Rishi Kapoor after watching Padmavat over the weekend were bowled over by the phenomenal performance that was delivered by Deepika, who has come alive as Rani Padmavati on the big screen.

In fact both of them even hand wrote a special note along with the bouquet which expressed how deeply they have loved Deepika’s work on the film.

The note read, “Excellent work!!! So very proud of you. Love Neetu & Rishi”

Kapoor’s have been supportive of her talent and are among the first ones to encourage her growth as an actress. They have been extremely forthcoming with praise for her.

The Kapoor’s were feeling sheer proud when they witnessed Deepika in her character as Rani Padmavati on the big screen. They also felt that after watching Deepika over the years, how she has grown and evolved as an actor.

Neetu and Rishi were full of praises and immediately after watching the film, sent a set of bouquet capturing how they have loved the film. It was a special moment for Deepika too!

The actress has been basking in appreciation, especially for the last scene of Jauhar which has been Garnering immense appreciation from across quarters!

Her film Padmaavat has been one of her biggest openings till now despite the film not releasing at several territories.

Pamaavat had collected 5 cr on Wednesday, 19 crores on Thursday, 32 crores on Friday, the film has collected a total of 56 crores.

Deepika’s fans had created a never seen before unique #DP1stDay1stShow where they celebrated the release of Deepika Padukone’s film Padmaavat.