Deepika Padukone Takes Time For Cause With Live Love Laugh Foundation


Despite her busy schedule, Deepika Padukone makes sure to remove some time for one very important thing in her life – her Live Love Laugh foundation.

The foundation is her initiative to improve mental health and help people battling with depression, anxiety, stress by connecting them with professionals.

Deepika Padukone who was shooting and then promoting her big Hollywood film across the world, giving time to her multiple brand endorsements, makes sure that she keeps a stipulated amount of time once in a few days to get updated on the activities of her foundation.

If she is in town, she would catch with few team members to discuss the ongoing activities and other developments but even when she is not around and caught up, extensive conference calls are scheduled for the same.

She is actively involved in the work of the foundation and is connected with her team of specialists/counsellors, who also fill her in on the experiences they have with people.