Deepika Padukone Wants To Have A Lot Of Babies!!

The actresses are said to have a short-lived career post their marriage and especially having babies. Recently, Alia Bhatt, 24-years-old, was all over the news the when she said she would want to settle down early in her life. Deepika Padukone is on top of her game right. She was also announced the Bollywood actress with the highest brand endorsements.

Rumors have been rife for some years now that she has been dating her ‘Bajirao Mastani’ co-star Ranveer Singh, but the two have neither confirmed nor denied being a relationship.

While Deepika Padukone is yet to talk about her marriage plans, the actress is sure about wanting to have a lot of babies. While she was on Rajeev Masand’s chat show she proved it yet again.

When probed on what is the one thing she has got to do before she dies, Deepika replied, “The one thing I’ve got to do before I die definitely has lots of babies. That’s what I want to do,”

This is the same thing she told Ellen Degeneres when she confessed that when she was acting with Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, in her mind she had created this illusion that she had married him and they were having these amazing babies. The actress had joked that there was the romance going on between the two and that they have amazing babies, but it was all in her head. Crazy!!

Don’t you think Deepika Padukone will have the cutest dimpled babies?

Even DP’s ex, Ranbir Kapoor chuckled and said while he was on Koffee With Karan that he expects Deepika and Ranveer to have lots of cutesy babies.

We wonder what Ranveer has to say about it!!

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