Did Ranbir Kapoor Just Say He Hasn’t Broken Up With Katrina Kaif?




Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif‘s was a royal affair in Bollywood. The duo looked smoking hot together as a couple. Well, a few months ago news broke out that the duo broke up. Ranbir also moved out of the Bandra house, where Kat and he were staying.

Even after so many months, no one knows why Ranbir and Katrina broke up. The actors never gave any public statement stating the reason for their separation. Also, in a recent TV interview, Ranbir got candid about his career, personal life, and his relationship. The Tamasha actor amazed everyone when he termed Kat as one of the motivational factors in his life. It seems like Ranbir is still fond of the Race actress, Well, Ranbir gave yet another bewitching statement in the same interview. He stated, that he has not even said that he broke up and doesn’t even feel the need to do so. He added that his personal life is very dear to him, and his relationship with Kat will always be very influential in his life. The actor also reveals that whatever relationship he shares with the Tees Maar Khan actress holds very dear to him. He holds no bitterness towards her and there’s no negativity in their equation.

Well, this is quite bewildering. Only Katrina and Ranbir seems to know the exact reason for their departure and their current equation with each other. The actor will be seen with his former ladylove in Jagga Jasoos. During the making of the film, there were rumours that the handsome actor wasn’t comfortable working with Katrina. However, Ranbir has some other story to tell. He said that working with Kat has always been fun as she is very passionate about her work. He also cleared that there’s no awkwardness between the two and wishes to work in the same manner in future.

Well, years ago Ranbir’s break up with Deepika Padukone had become public. But the duo still worked in two films together after their split. They are also good friends and are quite professionals. When Ranbir was asked if he can maintain the same equation with Katrina, he said that they are actors and cannot bring in personal lives and emotions into the sets. Also, he further added that Kat is quite a professional and working with her has always been easy.  The Saawariya actor also mentioned that they both share a great creative partnership.

On the professional front, their much-awaited film, Jagga Jasoos, directed by Anurag Basu will hit the silver screen on April 7, 2014.