Don’t Miss Salman Khan’s Nephew Ahil’s Reaction After Watching Tubelight Trailer!


Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s nephew Ahil is surely the most beloved member of Khan family. Moreover, Salman adores and can do anything for this cute little munchkin. 

As we all know, Salman Khan and Ahil have always stolen the limelight with their adorable appearances. Remember their recent video where Ahil packed a punch on Salman Khan’s face?

Salman Khan had posted a video of him and Ahil bonding and fist fighting. The video is too cute to handle. While brother Sohail Khan is seen holding Ahil in his arms, Salman can be seen singing Sultan title track as they indulge into a fistfight. Ahil is surely turning like his Mamu Salman Khan.

In a recent interview for the promotions of Tubelight, Salman Khan talked about the same video. He said, “Oh that one, yes we had shared! So he (Ahil) loves that song (Sultan) and so, I keep on singing to him that all the time. And I start punching also (laughs). So yesterday, Aayush showed me something which is like the funniest. He went to the gym and Arpita was not at home, so Aayush took him to the gym. Ahil went mad in the gym… He started walking with the ball, he started picking up the apples and going to random people in the gym and giving it to them. I do see a lot of Arpita’s traits in him, because Arpita, when she was growing up, she was exactly like this!

The Sultan star was seen candid at his best and also revealed that how Ahil reacts to watching him and Sohail Khan on television. He said, “We were seeing the trailer of Tubelight and I think Atul (Agnihotri) had got it in his phone. Ahil was looking at the trailer and then looking at both me and Sohail (laughs). So, I think he has started figuring it out now. Because they keep on shooting videos of him now and he also sees himself on the phone and then Aayush puts it on the television too and shows it to him. So he figures that out now. He was at the Hong Kong show (DaBang tour), and we thought that loud music will disturb him, but he was like eyes wide open, right next to the speaker… He was smiling! Superb he is (smiles).

It seems like Ahil is already a born star and will follow his Mamujaan’s footsteps when he is all grown up. Don’t you think so? Ahil isn’t like Salman Khan already?

Do we have another superstar in the making? Only time will tell…

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