Driven By Resilience, Chad Nutsch Scales Global Brand 90+ Countries In 12 Months

Chad Nutsch

Chad was born on August 2, 1991 and grew up in North Carolina. His childhood revolved around soccer, a sport where he was a top player. He was a busy up-and-coming talent who juggled sports, school, and being a kid.
His parents divorced when he was twelve. With his mother away and his father struggling with depression and alcohol abuse, he was left unsupervised in a town where crime rate and gang activities were high. Eventually, he found himself involved in gangs, drug deals, and violence. He was kicked out of school, and at a young age, he landed on juvenile detention, jail, and finally a home for teen delinquents.

While Chad had lost his passion for soccer at this point, he had not lost the discipline he learned from the sport and he ultimately picked himself up to turn things around. He was able to cut all mind-altering substances out of his life and maintain sobriety for 10 straight years.


With a desire to accomplish things on his own, Chad was able to start a number of business endeavors, and while he admits to have failed several times, he knows that the true takeaway was being able to learn, something he’s passionate about.

He found a lifestyle clothing company dedicated to encourage outdoor adventure. Today, in his twenties, his business ventures include Global Elite Group a company holding equity positions in multiple companies, alongside managing athletes & consulting other 7 figure companies.
Chad’s most notable business to date is HERA | HERO, a lifestyle and activewear company based in the United States with a global following.

Brand Story

HERA | HERO is a lifestyle and active wear created to bring high-quality and aesthetically appealing clothing to the fitness enthusiasts. It is designed for every individual who strives to be a better version of themselves.

The company was founded in 2017 by business maverick Chad Nutsch and Dutch fitness model and fitwear designer, Sandra Prikker. It started out as HERA, a brand targeted for women designed by a woman. Eventually HERO was added when the company branched out to cater to the male market.

The expansion called for renowned fitness personality Jeremy Buendia, Chad’s best friend whom he also managed, to become part of the team. The four-time Mr. Olympia Physique Champ had since become the most recognizable face of HERA | HERO.

In less than one year, HERA | HERO has grown into a seven-figure company with clients from more than 91 countries. With no investors to start with and from only 16 SKUs, it now has 170 SKUs in just only a little over a year since it came out of the market. Its customer return rate is at 25% and it has put together more than 9000 active ambassadors all over the world.

Today, backed by more acclaimed athletes, HERA | HERO has established itself to carry fitness pieces functionally designed for the gym and stylishly executed for lifestyle wear.
After an in-depth research of the market for over two years, we found that something so practical was actually missing. Thus, HERA | HERO is stepping up to make a difference by delivering high quality tapered fit designs.

HERA | HERO boasts of being a pioneer when it comes to aesthetic taper-fit. This design technology perfectly highlights the physique of the body, no matter what the type. This means that, regardless of which stage you are in your fitness progress, our apparel will be able tel and look flattering on anyone
Our signature aesthetic tapered fit design ensures comfort which will translate to confidence in performance, whether you’re an athlete by profession or fitness enthusiast by passion.

Brand Faces

HERA | HERO aims to inspire progress step by step, day by day, with one thought-out product at a time. With this vision, we collaborate with icons in the fitness world who share the same drive and discipline with the brand to bring a message of motivation.
Ambassador Program
Word of mouth has been one of the instruments of the growing success of HERA | HERO. This is made possible with the brand’s army of ambassadors who have experienced the quality of the products and who raise awareness to the rest of the fitness world. At 9000 strong, the ambassador program, with its unique and exclusive perks, has helped the brand take the industry by storm.