Drunk Kapil Sharma Gets Into Ugly Fight With Sunil Grover On A Flight, You Won’t Believe What Happened Next


Comedians Kapil Sharma and Sunil Grover, who are known to be very good friends and colleagues, recently indulged into an ugly fight. As per reports, Sunil and Kapil Sharma along with their team were returning from their tour for their live show in Australia.

It all started after Kapil Sharma started beating to Sunil Grover, which led to a fight between the two. Sunil Grover was shocked with Kapil’s reaction. Not just Sunil, reportedly, passengers on the flight were taken aback. As per the report on spotboye.com, Kapil told Sunil, “Tu hai kaun? Tera show flop gaya tha, tu mera naukar hai, tu Australia mein bhi jo show kiya khude se woh flop tha…” (Who are you? Your show was a flop, you are my servant, the show you did in Australia was also a flop).”

An entertainment portal BL quoted a source saying, “We were travelling in business class. It was a very long flight from Australia to Mumbai via Delhi. Almost every member of The Kapil Sharma Show was asleep besides him. Kapil looked visibly bored and had a drink too many. Suddenly, he got up and went to Sunil Grover. Within seconds, we heard him talking in loud tones and Sunil also lost his cool. Then, their companions had woken up and they interfered. Kapil was screaming at them to leave him. Some of them also got hit by his hands. Later, the situation cooled down. Kapil also apologised to everyone after the incident.”

As per reports, the tension between the two has been brewing for quite some time. Kapil’s excessive drinking is the reason of his ill temper and this is not for the time, he had misbehaved with some of the television actresses at an award show last year.