Drunk Man Enters Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments And The Reason Will Leave You Surprised!


Fans do bizarre things to grab the attention of their favourite stars. Be it writing letters with blood or decorating their homes with the images of their favourite stars. There are news of actors even getting stalked. Something similar has occurred with Salman Khan very recently. Reportedly, a man tried to sneak in his house but was caught in the middle of the act.

Mohammad Sirajuddin (25), a local Bandra resident, entered the compound of Galaxy Apartments at 1:30 am yesterday. The man who is believed to be afflicted with a psychological disorder was found lurking in the guard’s washroom when the security officer was away on rounds. When he was detained by the security officials of the building, he told them that he had entered the building in the context of using the loo. Sorts of reports also claim that the man who rushed inside the Galaxy Apartments was drunk.

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The police were informed about the particular situation, yet no case was registered against him because of his mental illness. Nivrutti Thackeray, senior police inspector of Bandra police station talking to Asian Age said, ”The man brought in by the security guards of Galaxy Apartments was allegedly suffering from mental disorders, and hence we decided not to register a complaint against him and left him with a notice.”

Salman Khan is not new to such disturbing events. One time before, a thief was able to sneak in his house and spent an entire evening casually in his Galaxy Apartments home. It was only when the family found him watching TV, that they realised what has happened. Maybe, now it’s the time to strengthen the security of Galaxy Apartments keeping in mind that it is in immediate danger of people lurking in whenever they want to.

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