Entrepreneur Riccardo Lex Talks About How He Realised The Right Path In His Career With Dedication And Focus

Riccardo Lex

Riccardo Lex describes himself has an average boy with a burning desire to do a lot in life. However, he started to start working on his desire, he started his journey as a car mechanic but that didn’t fulfil him. After a few months of apprenticeship, his view for life took a clear turn.

Riccardo is an entrepreneur for 8 years now and he is glad to know there’s so much he can do. His journey into the world or entrepreneurship started in Network Marketing where he met a lot entrepreneur and self-employed people. That’s when he made up his mind this is the path he wants to choose in his life.

He worked in classic direct sales where he worked in three different fields and he was one of the most successful sales partners in the company. Along with working as an entrepreneur, he also raised his daughter. For two years, he took great interest in social media and got active on Instagram.

About his work and success, Riccardo Lex mentioned, “Today, I am the president of my own non-profit-association – Academy of Social Media and Networks – and I am passionate about researching and creating behaviour patterns in terms of social media and virtual networks. My follower numbers have now grown beyond the 100,000 mark and every day I reach thousands of people who regain courage through my posts, believe in themselves and carry on with their life’s mission.”

Riccardo’s aim is to make everything easier for entrepreneur and people who want to make a career out of social media in a healthy way.

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