Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant Om Swami Gets Beaten Up By Mob, This Time For Speaking Against….


Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Om Swami has again been beaten up by people for speaking against the Supreme Court’s verdict on triple talaq!

The ex-Bigg Boss contestant Om Swami seems to have not been learning anything from his mistakes. It has been multiple times that he has minced with his words. And as a result had to face the outrage of the people. But we guess the man enjoys that!

Om Swami has done it again. And this time he has spoken against the verdict made by the Supreme Court of India in the matter of triple talaq. While most of the people have welcomed the reform and are celebrating it, there’s Swami who is opposing it with his full power.

You all must be knowing about the 5-member bench of Supreme Court who passed the judgement in triple talaq case. SC has now declared the practice as unconstitutional. The decision was made over a vote pattern of 3-2.

Apparently, Om Swami did not like the decision made. And hence he went on to protest against the same in the Supreme Court. He also took his followers along. What he wanted to do was to stop Deepak Mishra from becoming the next Chief Justice of India.

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According to the man, the decision made by SC is ‘illegal, sinful and retrograde’. The reports say that according to him the matter belongs to a particular religion. And hence only the people of that religion have the right to decide over the matter. He also believes that the court’s decision will lead to the jeopardy of men’s freedom and women will get more independence than men.

While he was protesting with his few men outside the court, the crowd over there got infuriated and hence they beat up the man!

Well, we hope that this time Om Swami will learn from his mistake and will not do anything as such in the future!