Exclusive: Mirzya Starlet Saiyami Kher Opens Up Like Never Before


Saiyami Kher is already in the limelight for her unique look in the glimpses of the film ‘Mirzya’. The actress will make her debut opposite Harshvardhan Kapoor. ‘Mirzya’ is directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and is a concoction of history and new age cinema. The actress is prepped up, by all means, to make a huge mark on the silver screen. ‘Mirzya’ will hit the screens on October 7th, 2016. With just a few more days for the release, the starlet spoke candidly with Business Of Cinema on various subjects.

Choosing Mirzya,

Frankly, I am not somebody who was in a position to select. The film selected me. After a long selection process, he (Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra) selected me. But I feel when a film is directed by Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra and written by Gulzar Saab very few people will say no to it. There was absolutely no reason to even look past the first page.

Look in the film and character

Rakeysh sir’s films are unconventional so there is nothing about him that is regular. It was so funny when we were shooting. There are two portions of the film wherein I’m looking very pretty in one part and the other portion is kind of different beauty because you are used to seeing a petite, delicate female. That’s a perception all have created. So when the director said you have to become muscular for this role I was like! But there is different kind of sensuality to that character. There were scenes in the movie where I was required to be dirty, to be on a horse, on set the director would say like put more sand on her make her dirtier.

Music of the film

Here we have upbeat songs which grow on the chartbusters but Mirzya songs grow on you. They will grow eternally. I’m not saying this because I’m a part of the film. I’m somebody who is a beloved lover of music. My music taste is old Hindi cinema. So for me, Mirzya is a mix of world music. There is a bit of everything. I also used to attend the music sessions of the film so I have sat through those too. I wanted to be a complete part of it.

One peculiar thing which sets Mirzya apart

The film has some lovely camera work which one cannot miss. It’s a complete musical so it’s Gulzar Saab at his best. The film is moving forward through poetry. This is something which has never been explored before.

Future films

I am open to interesting films but I need to chase down a list of directors whom I want to work with. Finally, the film is all about a director’s vision so I’m chasing down a few of them. I was blessed because Mani Ratnam called me after Mirzya. We also did a look test and he really liked it. We were supposed to start with the project this year end but it got pushed as he started some other project. But the experience with him was very serene.

Intimate scenes in films

We have a tendency to over-hype this kiss thing. It was not something that was never present. Yesteryear cinema did have flowers kissing each other to signify a kiss. But in the last four-five years, lots has changed. So now I feel it’s not really a big deal. If your script demands it then it’s a part of it you do it. Also, the amount of preparation you do for a breakdown scene or any other is the same as this. I would be okay with intimate scenes only if the script demands it, not unnecessarily to objectify. Because I’m against objectifying.

One thing audience will notice in Mirzya

I think it would be the music and visuals which will blow everyone’s minds. But I would like the audiences to go into the lyrics because you need to understand it’s depth in the film as it contains loads of meanings.