Fans React: Emraan Hashmi’s Raaz Reboot Leaked Online!

Many films recently have been in a mess because they are leaked online prior to their release dates. Emraan Hashmi starrer ‘Raaz Reboot’ has also met with the same fate. The film’s release date is this Friday i.e. September 16th. The full movie was leaked online on Tuesday night.  The movie is the fourth installment of the ‘Raaz’ series.

The online leak of the movie is surely a nightmare for the makers. It not only draws away the audiences at the screens but also takes away the hard work involved. Emraan who will star in the film along with Kriti Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora took to the microblogging site Twitter and requested the fans to watch the movie in theatres.

Well, not only the stars but also fans have voiced their views on the ‘Raaz Reboot’ leak. Look what they have to say.

By tweeting like #UdtaPunjabLeaked or #RaazRebootLeaked … you are just welcoming people to download them and support piracy


Sad to know that Raaz Reboot has been leaked online before its 16th September release. Who’s responsible for this! #RaazRebootLeaked


The gang behind piracy issues are plenty in number. I hardly feel if all can be arrested ever. #RaazRebootLeaked


A horror film looks good at big screen, Do watch at theatre, respect hard work @emraanhashmi #RaazRebootLeaked


I wonder who leaked it.. now poor Bhoot in the movie will stay unemployed. Was Bipasha Basu not less as a threat??  #RaazRebootLeaked


@FrustIndian I am sure this is a part of there strategy to create curiosity among people & make more ppl search abt it #RaazRebootLeaked


Before #RaazReboot;this year many other popular movies were leaked.It’s a subject of serious issue. #RaazRebootLeaked


if its a marketing gimmick, so sad makers, playing with emotions just for visibility/attention #RaazRebootLeaked


That’s really sad. After #UdtaPunjab and #GreatGrandMasti, #RaazReboot leaked online


Please watch #RaazReboot in theaters only.So many staffs were gave their best to making this film,please don’t disappointed them. #GoForRaaz



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