Films Ajay Devgn Should Vow Never To Repeat


Kaal[tps_footer]Ajay Devgn said in an interview, that failures are an actor’s responsibility too. If they can take the credit for hits, they should take the onus for bad ones too. Hence, we thought of pieceing together a few films of the actor that he should vow never to do again. Although it is difficult to find a ‘bad’ Ajay Devgn movie, there are a few which we would like to list out.


We are happy that you are taking the blame of this failure but we would request you to not repeat it again. There are enough worthy classics to be remade. Another Gangajal is accepted.

London Dreams                                                                                                                                                                                    

Any kind of role looks good on you because you are the only who has most intense eyes. Your eyes express more than your face but no offence, a singer rockstar doesn’t suit you at all. So please refrain from doing such roles.

Raju Chacha                                                                                                                                                                                          

No kidding! This is perhaps the biggest blotch on your career. What were you thinking?


You as a ghost is unbelievable and that too possessing a Tiger? Seriously?!

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