First Look: Mad About Dance Poster And Trailer


mad about dance[tps_footer]Saahil Prem and Amrit Maghera starrer M.A.D- Mad About Dance, releasing August 22nd, 2014 has finally launched it’s first look poster and trailer.

Saahil Prem– writer, director and lead actor of the film launched the poster, motion poster and the trailer on his personal social media profile late last night.

He tweeted, “It’s been quite a journey but now it’s here for the world to see, hope you guys like it,” along with the final trailer. It has been a long journey for the M.A.D team since the movie was made almost 4 years ago. The online launch has marked the start of a new chapter. The official trailer launch will be conducted by none other than Bollywood filmmaker and choreographer- Farah Khan on July 16th.

Farah has known Saahil for a long time and is very supporting of the film. Not only does M.A.D have Farah Khan’s support, but also King Khan’s himself! Shah Rukh Khan has taken Saahil Prem under his wing and is helping him in any way possible.

Saahil also showed the just released trailer to SRK before unveiling it to the rest of the world. “I was never star-struck, but when I was sitting with Shah Rukh I was charmed by him,” said Saahil. “He has this quality in him… he makes everyone like him,” he adds.

Watch The Trailer Here: