‘First The Upper Lip And Then The Lower’ Ranveer Singh Explains The Gory Details Of His Befikre Kisses!


The handsome hunk Ranveer Singh is making headlines and creating a buzz in the media for his rumored split with actress Deepika Padukone. Apart from this Ranveer Singh‘s upcoming movie “Befikre” starring Vaani Kapoor in the lead too has made news for various reasons.

One of the very major reasons is the number of kisses in the film which has caught all the limelight and the audiences are looking forward to it. If reports are to be believed there are about 23 kissing scenes between the lead pair as the film is a romantic movie shot in Paris

Talking about this kissing experience, Ranveer said in a recent interview, “I am fed up of kissing. I need a detox from kissing. I can’t tell you how much I’ve kissed in this movie. Vaani Kapoor and I got into a set schedule after a point. First, she would kiss from one side, then I would kiss from the other, then the upper lip, then the lower lip, then repeat that round…so that Adi could use whatever portions he wanted. We’ve given him all the possible angles.”

Well well , Ranveer has given us quiet a detailed description of his kissing. The movie is directed by none other than Aditya Chopra and is slated to release on the 9th of December.
We all await it right?