Fitness First For Sanjay Dutt !

Sanjay Dutt is in his best shape! The actor has been known for his fitness and is looked up to for his fitness indulgences in workouts.

Sanjay Dutt has always had a muscular and Herculean body making him one of the fittest actors of B-Town.

The actor has sketched a special diet and regime which he follows everyday and doesn’t skip at all.

He is involved in a rigorous fitness regime and has made a point to follow a strict diet in order to have fit body.

Sanjay Dutt dedicates 2 hours to all his exercises regulary without giving it a miss, at his residence in Bandra.

During his time at Yerwada, Sanjay had learnt a new way of maintaining fitness by adopting a new method of exercises! As the actor had no access to a gym, Sanjay started using the phawdas which are used to carry water as his dumbbells! The actor used to fill these phawdas with water and use to start doing lifts!

Sanjay Dutt presently does a mix of the conventional gym and the free hand workouts which he learnt during his time at Yerwada jail.

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