Five Dresses Deepika Padukone Copied From Hollywood Actresses


Lady-Victoria-Harvey-and-deepika[tps_footer]Deepika Padukone has been soaring since last year. A few correct career moves and she is the most sought after actress of the present generation. She looks equally good with 40+ Kumar and Khans and the youngsters too. Even her fashion sense has turned many heads as she is never improperly dressed for any event.

She knows exactly what to wear. But often the lady has been accused of getting sartorial inspirations from Hollywood and surprisingly, a lot of her attires resemble the ones worn by them. Here are a few of them.

Deepika flaunted an off –shoulder orange gown at an event for People magazine. The dress is a perfect copy of a similar gown worn by Kylie Minogue for an event. Who looked best is anyone’s guess.

In 2014, Deepika wore a black gown with golden collar and a deep neckline. It was the same dress flaunted by Kate Hudson at the Golden Globe Awards. Deepika looked stunning in the attire and so is excused for this copy.

Zoe Saldana and Deepika Padukone looked sisters from different mothers when they wore the same outfit for two separate events. The black see through gown is looking gorgeous on both the ladies. So as long as the outcome is a stunner, we don’t care.

Deepika wore a golden skin fit gown with one side covered in net. The same gown in black adorned Lady Victoria Harvey. Both the ladies looked amazing.

Deepika Padukone again wore a similar dress which was previously fabulously flaunted by Julie Marie Berman at the 40th Emmy Awards. It was red hot dress with netted neckline. Sorry to say, Deeps, Julie looked much hotter than you here.

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