Five Heart-Wrenching Kishore Kumar Songs We Love





  Kishor-05 [tps_footer]Kishore Kumar, the man who made music immortal. The man who redefinied romance, love, passion, compassion and tragedy musically. The man who makes us miss him every day and every hour. For a man who is much more than a genius, any kind of tribute will fall short to respect his contribution to cinema. But on his 85th birthday today, it will be criminal to not take a trip down memory lane. So here are some of the best heart wrenching songs by Kishore Kumar.

Manzilein Apni Jagah Hai
A sharabi can only lament about life when sloshed and nobody can voice it better than Kishore Kumar. Amiatbh Bachchan sulking over his lost love has been beautifully narrated through Kumar’s voice that makes you miss your own partner.

Zindagi Ka Safar
This was our anthem since many years depicting the ruthlessness of life. A beautiful song from Safar was rendered by Kumar with such genuineness that tears roll down your eyes even when you are fighting it hard.

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge
Amar Prem has many memorable moments but what stands out is this song. Don’t we keep saying let people talk…why should we care? But none made sense of it better than Kishore Kumar. The matter of fact way of crooning these amazing lyrics is long lasting!

Ye Jo Mohabbat Hai
This is an old song but this is the mantra of all those who have been betrayed in love. Kishore Kumar’s rendition of a drunken Rajesh Khanna sounds so real that you might think he too was drunk when he sang it. Can anyone gurantee that in today’s songs?

Badi Sooni Sooni Hai
Mili was one of a kind movie where not the hero but the heroine was terminally ill. But this song doesn’t croon her love for life but of a broken man, misjudged and misunderstood. Nobody was more misunderstood than Kumar himself. No wonder the song still gives you goosebumps.[/tps_footer]