Flat 211 Review


It starts with a mysterious murder in a flat numbered 211. Murder looks well planned with no clues with police except one suspect named Suhail, who is arrested and being interrogated.

With sort of nonlinear narrative it goes back in past to the same flat where murder has happened. Person staying in the flat is with his girl friend and find someone at the doorstep by surprise. Person introduces himself as Arjun and tell that he is new flatmate sent by the flat owner.

Existing person staying in the fat is a fashion photographer and big time flirt. He lures many girls to the flat by assuring them jobs in modeling and acting. In contrast Arjun is quite opposite in nature and also jobless who just lost his job and is in search of new opportunity. Both does not go along much as Arjun keeps staring or try to be friendly with Suhail’s girl friends, which Suhail does not like.

In parallel the police interrogation is going on. Also slowly stories of both flat mates are revealed, like how Arjun was dumped by his girl friend after he lost his job. While his photographer roommate finds that one of his girl friends is pregnant because of him, whom he wants to get rid of. And marry some one else.

Eventually, the shuttling between past and present to elevate the suspense reveals that the fashion photographer staying in flat was the one seen at the crime seen in the beginning and probably committing the murder. The person who is being interrogated in present. He blames it on his roommate Arjun. But shockingly police claims that the person named Arjun does not even exist as per their investigation and finding. And he is just trying to misguide the police by creating an imaginary character. Even flat owner claims that he never sent any flatmate to stay with him.

The story takes the big dramatic twist here and the plot gets more interesting and gripping after interval. Slowly the events start unfolding and eventually ends with quite a shocking and unexpected end.

Overall, Flat 211 may not be the best thriller in the world that you expect it to be but it surely has enough suspense and thrill element in it. Specially after first-half of the film. If you keep little patience in the first hour, this suspense drama is surely worth watching and gonna entertain you. Background music is really great. Most of the actors are new but all of them have done a fair job. Prakash Prabhakar’s music in the film is really good, which includes songs sung by Mika Singh, Harshdeep Kaur, Mohammed Irfan, Ash king and Divya Kumar.

Film FLAT 211, produced and directed by Sunil Snjan is also appreciated in film festivals around the world. Last and 4th official selection was at ‘Phnom Penh International Film Festival’ in Cambodia. Earlier it was finalist at ‘Red Corner Film Festival’, semi-finalist in Los Angeles at ‘Los Angeles CineFest’, nominated as best drama feature in Japan at ‘Genre Celebration Festival’, also nominated in best actress category in same film festival in Japan.

Ratings: ****