Force 2 Review: A forced Sequel

A few years ago, John Abraham stepped into the shoes of ACP Yash from the Mumbai police force in the Hindi remake of the Tamil action film ‘Kaakha Kaakha’. That was Force, directed by Nishikant Kamat. Now Abhinay Deo has taken the reigns of this sequel which sees Yash as a cut-throat and emotionless officer who has not fully recovered from the horrible death of his dear wife (Genelia D’Souza).

When Indian RAW agents are killed in China, the Indian authorities begin to wonder about the reason but Yash knows what it is. His old friend has sent him a coded message that points them in the direction of a traitor in the Indian Embassy in Budapest. But Yash cannot tackle this alone. It’s a RAW mission. So he must parter with KK (Sonakshi Sinha), a competent and kind agent with her own insecurities.

Once in Budapest they identify the spy to be one Shiv (Tahir Raj Bhasin) who is always a step ahead of the cops and methodically revealing the identity of Indian spies. Yash and KK try to unravel why Shiv is doing this and try to find out who he really is. This unimaginative revenge story is strung together with lost of well crafted action scenes that seem to be borrowed from several Hollywood films. It culminates in a silly climax where an assassination attempt is underway. The question is: will the Mumbai police and RAW agent finally be able to work as a team to trip up the bad guy?

Bhasin plays Shiv rather like his debut part in ‘Mardaani’, but the arrogant cheekiness is a nice interpretation to his twisted character. Sinha tries to mirror Abraham in the serious, unaffected and scowling department, but she’s also given a few teary scenes. After Akira, where she dominated with her efforts at action, this part hardly adds to her action heroine image. Abraham does more with his brawn than his brain as Yash, but then don’t most of the best Hollywood action heroes?

Rating: **

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