When Friends Turned Foes Kajol And Karan Johar Came Face To Face At Manish Malhotra’s Bash!

They were inspiration of friendship for many in Bollywood industry. Kajol and Karan Johar were crazy buddies who never lost an opportunity to praise each other and be there for the other, be it for films or in personal life. But now their friendship has cracked and we got to the story for you.

A close friend of both, Manish Malhotra celebrated his 50th birthday with glitter and glamour surrounded by A-listers of Bollywood. This black and gold themed birthday bash at Taj Lands End in Bandra was organized and hosted by close friend, Karan.

The invite was shared on social media and list of attendees were speculated. And then all the attention moved to the recently cracked friendship of Kajol and KJo. The cold war that is going on between the director-producer and his K3G actress since ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ and ‘Shivaay’ controversy have not resolved yet and the consequences of it had to be borne by none other than but Manish.

It was reported that Karan Johar, decided to leave out Kajol from the invitee list as things hit the wrong note between Karan and Kajol’s husband, Ajay. This has dramatically affected Karan and Kajol’s friendship as well.

But, Manish took upon himself to invite Kajol. As she received the invite from the birthday boy himself, Kajol found it difficult to ignore it and hence was present at the party.

At the party, the cold war was clearly visible.


They gave each other a royal ignore.They both almost bumped into the party and guess what happened. A source said, “Kajol and Karan didn’t talk to each other and they didn’t even make it awkward for others, especially Manish because he’s close to both of them. Both of them were busy in different corners and then Kajol left early while Karan stayed back.

The popular trio KajolManishKaran did not pose together for even a single picture. Both of them took picture with the rest of the guests, but not together.

Let’s hope everything gets back to being normal between KJo and Kajol!

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