From Shah Rukh Khan To Salman Khan: Bollywood’s Best Onscreen Siblings



Priyanka Chopra in Don
To take the revenge of her brother’s murder. Roma (Priyanka) faces all the tough challenges. She makes herself strong enough to avenge the one who killed her brother. Roma herself gets cheated in the end, but in the second part of the film, her character doesn’t give up at all.


[tps_footer]Well, in today’s time brothers and sisters, both protect each other from problems and difficulties. Also, our siblings are always are first best friends. They know all our secrets, good and bad habits, our strength and weakness, our first crush and our ex. Siblings might be the one to hit you hard, but are the one who will fight with the world if you are in trouble. They are gifted shields in our lives. One cannot imagine living a day without their siblings,no matter how annoying they are. Well, similar kind of bonds is shown in several of Bollywood films. Actors like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Saif Ali Khan and many more gave us major sibling goals.

Here’s are some best onscreen siblings of Bollywood[/tps_footer]