Govinda Reacts To Rishi Kapoor For Lashing Out At Anurag Basu


The Bollywood actor Govinda has finally spoken up on the ‘Jagga Jasoos’ missing cameo

The actor was recently at an interview where he spoke on the matter. When the veteran actor Rishi Kapoor was recently asked about the movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’, he was clearly irritated with the whole issue.

The actor went on to say how it was all Director Anurag Basu’s fault. He stated that Anurag was very irresponsible, ”Neetu and I saw the film on Thursday, only a day ahead of the release. Till Wednesday, Anurag Basu was still mixing the film. I didn’t hate or love the film. But who is going to give that opinion to them? I totally agree with Ekta Kapoor when she threw him out from her film. He had problems with Rakesh Roshan while working on Kites (2010). He’s such an irresponsible director that he doesn’t complete the film. It was supposed to release three times in the past two years, but it kept getting delayed.”

The comedy-detective movie ‘Jagga Jasoos’ didn’t even release in Singapore and the Gulf as planned due to delays and late submissions. The delay, according to Rishi, resulted in the film’s poor performance at the box office.

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Ranbir Kapoor not only starred in the film but also produced it thus investing money in the venture. Rishi Kapoor was miffed at the fact that the film had failed at the box office even after being in production for almost 4 years.

Rishi Kapoor even revealed that Govinda was on board but later thrown off the film. “You even threw Govinda out of the film. If you don’t want Govinda to work in your film, why did you ask him in the first place?”

Govinda thanked Rishi Kapoor for supporting him publicly saying, ”Thank you Rishi sir. At last, you showed concern. Good blood never speaks wrong,”

Govinda admitted he would do cameos only for Salman Khan and the Kapoor family as he is extremely close to these two. ”There might not be a second time as I might only do it for the Kapoors or Salman Khan’s family. Not that I don’t think the others are less important, it’s just that these families are special for me and I hold them in high regard,”

The actor was called for the movie to South Africa but later his part was cut off from the final film. He was trying to be professional and not make a big scene out of the apparent missing cameo.

The movie has managed to collect only Rs 48.75 crore in two weeks. The ‘Jagga Jasoos’ director Anurag Basu has not made any comments as such about this open rebuke from Rishi Kapoor.

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