Govinda Upset With Karan Johar For This Reason, Director Apologises!


When the Partner actor Govinda was recently interviewed, he seemed to be highly disappointed by Karan Johar and slammed the Bollywood camps there. But what made the actor angry?

Sources say that Govinda is disappointed that Karan Johar didn’t invite him on his show Koffee with Karan and he also said that Karan invited everyone except him and the superstar actors and director camps have cornered him aside.

However, it has come to news that the chat show host, Karan Johar has made apologies to the actor for not calling him and having quoted that there were talks about Govinda being invited to the show but then the things didn’t happen. He in fact said that he had thought about it and it would be an absolute honor and privilege to have Govinda on the chat show.

Karan Johar in fact commented that, “My apologies that he hasn’t been (on the show) and he felt bad about it. There is no intention to hurt him. He is a terrific artist and a great movie star. I would love to call him. I will take a note and call him and I hope he accepts my invitation”

Well! we are surely waiting to have Govinda on the couch and chat with the host about his life and the industry since he is off screen since quite a long time.