What Had Happened Between Shah Rukh Khan And Ajay Devgn?


Ajay-Shah-Cover-PicThere is a lot of talk about the fight or rivalry between Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn. They were never friends. Their equation has always been cold even though Shah Rukh is best friends with Devgn’s wife Kajol. They have done many films together and share a great friendship. Fortunately, Ajay and Shah Rukh‘s cold vibes didn’t freeze up SRK and Kajol’s friendship. But does everyone know where did the rivalry begin?

Well, it dates back to the time when Shah Rukh and Ajay were close friends. Apparently, they even used to party together. During that time, Rakesh Roshan went to Ajay with a two-hero project called Karan Arjun. He wanted to sign both Ajay and Shah Rukh for the film.

Rumours suggest, Ajay didn’t find the film too great and declined it. But he also tried to coax Shah Rukh into giving up the film as well. However, Shah Rukh didn’t do as directed and completed the film with Salman Khan. That apparently drew a deep wedge between the two which has reduced them to mere colleagues now.

But all this while, the rivalry was cold and not pronounced but the clash of Son of Sardar and Jab Tak Hai Jaan brought it out in the open. A lot of statements were rendered from both sides, but it seems with age and maturity, the two have learnt the fact that they may not acknowledge each other but they cannot ignore each other.