Hema Malini Continues Her Campaign Even Though The Stage She Was On Collapses

Hema Main cover-2It all happened during her election campaign in Mathura when a portion of the stage on which Hema Malini was addressing from, collapsed midway. Fortunately Hema Malini was unhurt in the incident.

According to eye witnesses, Hema Malini arrived late for her scheduled address and scores of people by then had queued up to see her. The crowd then had swelled up and become unmanageable, and as soon as she arrived and started delivering her speech, a number of people ran towards the stage following which a portion of the stage collapsed, police said.

Dismissing suggestions that she would leave Mathura after elections, Bharatiya Janata Party’s nominee Hema Malini today said that she was close to buying a house in the constituency.

“I am a devotee of Lord Krishna. I want to stay here and do work for the Braj Bhoomi. A deal for purchasing a house in Mathura is almost in the final stage,” Hema told reporters.

However she is very uspet and emotional seeing the land of Lord Krishna and Yamuna in a miserable state and stated that she would like to get them corrected.

“The land of Lord Krishna is in miserable state. Yamuna water is polluted, condition of roads, drinking water and power supply is miserable. Like my obeisance to Lord Krishna, I would like to get all this corrected,” stated Hema Malini.

Hema Malini also claimed that if voted to power, she would turn Mathura into a tourist hub.

“There is lot of spiritual and tourist potential in Mathura. I would make efforts to develop infrastructure so that tourists proceeding to Agra may not miss Mathura,” she said.

Narrating her plans about bringing a planned development in the city and about opening avenues for employment, Hema Malini said that efforts would be made to bring Mathura in the ambit of NCR and then priority would be the establishment of big industries.

Well we will have to wait and want all this actually happening if Hema Malini comes in power.

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