You Won’t Believe How Ileana D’Cruz Reacted When Asked About Her Marriage Plans


Ileana D’Cruz is often seen with her boyfriend Andrew Kneebone and also shares her pictures with him on Instagram. But when it comes to talking marriage, she says she doesn’t have plans as of now. In fact, she thinks it is overrated. Well! This is what she has to say about it.

I find it funny when you ask me that question. What’s the big deal about marriage? I am happy, I am in a great space, I am doing great films and I am where I am. I think marriage is overrated. Dude, calm down! When I want to announce the fact that I am getting married, I will do it. A little mystery is also important. If I always let the cat out of the bag, why would people be interested in me anymore?

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Ileana D’Cruz says she doesn’t mind sharing a part of her life on social media. She quoted, “If you are sharing personal photographs on such a big social platform, you should do it because you really want to and not because it’s some PR activity .You are not looking at it from the point of view of how many likes you are going to get. For me, it’s just a spur-of-the-moment act.There is no point in me being on social media platforms if I don’t share a little bit of my personal life. It is like, this is a part of my life and this is who I am.

Ileana D’Cruz also made a comment about cheating as human beings. This is how she put her point, “ It’s very easy to say that I am going to leave my man, but there is so much to consider. You have put in so many years, you love this person, and you have trusted him. Yes, that person has betrayed your trust and it’s so easy to say that I will ditch him, but it’s not as simple as that. As fiery and hot-tempered as I may be, I am not sure how I will deal with a situation like that if it were to happen to me again. But I do stand by my statement.”

Well! Let’s see when Ileana D’Cruz announces her marital plans with her boyfriend.

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