Here’s How Raees Makers Are Once Again In Big Trouble


Shah Rukh‘s much-awaited film, Raees, that is all set to release next year is now into a trouble after being in the news for issues with it’s release dates. Well, the film that is believed to be a real story based on a bootlegger in Ahmedabad lands into trouble. Let’s see what new barrier has come to the film.

The Don Abdul Latif’s son Mushtaq Sheikh has warned the filmmakers of Raees about taking them to the court after the film gets released because he thinks that the film is defamed and has put charges for 100 Crores. While the Raees team says that the film is a pure work of fiction, Sheikh says that the depiction is lopsided.

Earlier in April this year, Sheikh had filed the defamation case in the Gujarat High court against the filmmakers claiming that Shah Rukh Khan’s character portrays his father.

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On the contrary, Sheikh also said that the team had consulted the family before proceeding with the film but he said that he wasn’t aware that the character will be portrayed as a man who runs a brothel and used women to deliver liquor illegally.

He said that he has watched the trailer and that the character doesn’t portray any positiveness of the character like the charity he did and the elections he won.

Mushtaq‘s lawyer Harsh Gajjar said that the client has complained of the Shah Rukh Khan‘s character as a goon. He also said that the facts have been manipulated to defame Latif and they are just waiting for the film to be released. He also added that they’re waiting to check if the family is credited in the film and he will fight for the compensation that the family deserves for the damage to the family’s reputation.

Well! Let’s see what the Raees team has to say over the charges now.