Here’s The Reason Why Aamir Khan Did Not Do Kung Fu Yoga With Jackie Chan!


The Reason Behind Aamir Khan Not Being Able To Work In Kung Fu Yoga

Touted as an Indo-Chinese film, Kung Fu Yoga starring noted Kung Fu master Jackie Chan along with Bollywood actors Sonu Sood, Amyra Dastur and Disha Patani, has engaged the audience with its action packed trailer.

Did you know who was offered a role in this Stanley Tong directed movie?

It is none other than Aamir Khan! Aamir Khan is a brand in himself. He does one film or even less per year. But when his films do hit the screens, the popularity and box-office collection breaks a record each time.

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Director Stanley hoped to cast Aamir Khan in a special role. But things didn’t work out.

Stanley revealed in an interview, that he loves Aamir Khan and that he was busy with his own films when they were to do Kung Fu Yoga. He was doing Dangal, he hasn’t seen the film yet, but he would love to. “If in future there is something for Aamir, I will definitely work with him.”

The director considers Aamir a friend and hopes to work in a film with him sometime in the future. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Jackie Chan and Aamir Khan in the same frame? Hopefully sometime in the future.

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