Here’s Why Richa Chadha Finding It Tough To Shoot For Her Next?


Actress Richa Chadha who was recently seen at the Japan film festival, NARA as one of the jury members has resumed her shooting for her upcoming web series “Powerplay”. It is heard that the actress is not keeping well due to the back to back events she has to attend  and a busy shooting schedule which has affected Richa’s health severely. The actress is down with fever and is suffering from weakness due to lack of sleep and rest amidst the heavy schedule. Since our actors believe in giving their best to what they do and fight the rough situations, actress Richa Chadha too is coping up with her shooting for Powerplay and hasn’t taken a break as she doesn’t want to affect the shooting and in turn delay the upcoming things. We have always seen and admired her for her strong character and powerful voice and this is yet another example of the strong headed woman she is.

Get well soon Richa.