Rishi Kapoor: I Am Fed Up, People Have Been Abusing Me On Social Media

Yesterday, at RK’s Ganpati Visarjan, things didn’t end peacefully for Ranbir Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, and Randhir Kapoor. Even a video showing the Kapoors hitting and misbehaving with the fans and media became viral. The public showed outrage on the same on the social media. About the video, Rishi said that the video is cleverly edited when they only showed that he is raising a hand. He also said that there’s no slapping and also Ranbir is not visible, only a man being pushed is shown. He opened up about the same and said that he cannot even dream of hitting anyone.

Talking to DNA, the actor said, “It’s so sad that after being in Bollywood for over 40 years the press thinks I am so uncivil as to hit someone! It’s extremely uncalled for! Have you ever heard about me doing something like this in so many years? Every news channel has carried the news without even verifying once with us about the truth of what actually happened. The crowd surged in when we went to do visarjan for our Ganpati idol.”

The actor further adds, “It’s tough as it is to brave the amount of media we have today including photographers and videographers. When Ranbir came, they wanted us all to pose together so we gave photo opportunities. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily and there was absolute pandemonium as we stepped out of RK Studios with the idol. The media doesn’t listen. Yes I pushed some people away as they were uncontrollable but Dabboo (Randhir) is not aggressive like me, why did they drag him in? I am fed up of all this talk. I would never hit anybody. It seems to be edited. If I was hitting someone why is there no contact on the face shown in the video? People have not watched it properly but passed their judgment. Dabboo was just asking people to get out of the way. I never slapped anybody. I have attended so many events and premieres when there’s been so much crowd but have you ever heard me hitting people at random or shoving them away?”

About Ranbir pushing a man, he states, “Can you see actually see Ranbir in the car pushing the man to the ground? Can you see the face of the man at all? Ranbir is incapable of such violence. This is deliberate mischief being created on someone’s part but every channel carried the video without verification. The media only wants to put you down and sensationalize matters. People have been abusing me on social media… Mein kis kis ko boloon ki yeh sach nahi hain.”

Rishi is very upset with all the negativity and allegations made on the Kapoor. He was quite dejected and said, “This tragic incident has saddened me deeply… And made me think about whether we should stop doing all this too. We had stopped playing Holi when our father passed away… I can’t handle the media anymore…I just want to ask them why are they only sensationalizing an edited video for their convenience? My mother (Krishna) and wife (Neetu) are so upset… Are we that terrible that we would do this? If I pushed anyone, it was in self-defence as people were getting crazy and pandemonium broke out. I would never hit the media but today I have no video or photo to clear my innocence… Media put up the video and people believed it. I expected the press to be more responsible.”

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