Here’s What Varun Dhawan And Arjun Kapoor Addressed Prabhas At A Party


Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor did not address Prabhas by his name at Karan Johar’s party, but decided to call him ‘Sir’.

Karan Johar’s bash on June 19 saw many big names attending it. Various Bollywood celebrities attended the dinner party hosted by the filmmaker. Among the B-Town people, the stars of the Magnum-Opus Baahubali, Prabhas and Rana Daggubatti also attended the bash. At the party, Varun and Arjun kept addressing Prabhas as ‘sir’ even when the actor asked them not to call him ‘sir’.

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But, the Bollywood boys did not agree and replied to Prabhas saying, ”You are Baahubali. How can we call you by name?” The Bollywood actors have got a point. Prabhas has received so much of appreciation for his portrayal as Baahubali that even very few Bollywood stars are able to get. Prabhas is a lucky man because he has acquired so much of respect all over India with the two movies and quite a lot of people have even started to worship the man.

Fans from everywhere are wishing him luck and people are looking forward to the star’s next film, Saaho. As far as Bollywood is concerned, people are anticipating the debut of Prabhas in B-Town and would love to see their favourite actor in Hindi movies. Though after Baahubali expectations are high, people would have to wait until and unless Prabhas makes any official statement regarding his Bollywood debut.

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