Wife Komal Finally Speaks Up On Himesh Reshammiya’s Alleged Relationship With Sonia Kapoor


Recently, musician cum actor Himesh Reshammiya and his wife since 22 years, Komal Reshammiya, filed a divorce in the Bandra family court. Rumours say that TV actress Sonia Kapoor is to be blamed for the divorce. Himesh and Komal also have a son Swayam. Reports say that the couple is living separately for a while.

When Himesh Reshammiya was asked about his relationship with wife Komal, he said that mutual respect is the most important thing in a relationship and for giving that due respect to the relationship, the couple have decided to break apart. He also said that the families have agreed to the relationship and are supportive towards the breakup. He quoted that every member of the family respects the couple’s decision and nonetheless, Komal will remain a part of the family always.

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